Frequently Asked Questions

What is your warranty ?

We guarantee about all our goods. And we provide warranties for each and every ware. Our company gives ware to ware and unlimited reviews.. 

How to buy ?

Customers can directly do the purchasing. Also you can communicate with us by our website before purchasing and can get know about and confirm the duration of the delivery.

What about prices ?

We provide goods and services about less than 40% from the current price of the market. We are sure you will be surprised after comparing our prices with the market price. We provide the best price to our customers.

What do I look for in creation?

you must care about its materials quality and artistically value of the Creation.specially value of the artist and value in the market. other important thing is about suitable for your idea your interests.  

Do I need a credit card ?

no needed. you can pay via bank deposit 

How long take to delivery ?

 We deliver our goods island wide within 48 hours after manufactured. And within 3 weeks world wide after manufactured. The time of manufacturing will be announced by our custom care team.

Why our customer service is the best ?

We are obligate to each and every ware you bought. Customers can directly communicate with us and create your favorite gifts as your wish. We ought to give a friendly and efficient service ever since your ware is manufactured and also after hand it to you.

How to get my customized Creation ?

 First you have to connect with us. Then you can communicate with our artists and get answers to all your questions like can you make this.? How much time will be needed? Medium and etc. If you are satisfied with your answers then you can purchase our goods. You have to pay an advance for the ware and after we handed it over you can pay the rest.

what is your payment method ?

all methods are acceptable 

Can I ask you for Idea ?

yes, Sure you can contact with our well-experienced professional artist and get perfect idea from them to chose your creation.

  • +94 71 514 50 64

let's find you together the Art you interested